A history of the famous people of the american civil war

Visit Website Did you know? At Chancellorsville, Jackson was shot by one of his own men, who mistook him for Union cavalry. His arm was amputated, and he died from pneumonia eight days later.

A history of the famous people of the american civil war

Of Seders and the Civil War Recommended reading: A Taste for War: Smith What did the Pony Express riders eat? The Pony Expressdelivering mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California, operated from April 3, to October 24,when the Pacific Telegraph line rendered it obsolete. In nineteen short months an American legend was born.

The Pony Express valued one goal above all others: Their riders had no time to carouse, no chuckwagon cookie calling them to dinner, and few towns dotting their Overland Route. The operators of this cutting edge company were brilliant and methodical. They estimated a horse could ride top speed with a small rider for approximately miles.

They needed fresh mounts poised from beginning to end at these intervals. A two-tiered system of transfer stations was established.

They were composed of "relay" horse transfer only and "home" place to stay, meals served. These stations were operated by a variety of hosts ranging from established innkeepers to sod huts with dirt floors.

Hosts, sometimes with families, were former military men, disengaged Overlanders, local merchants, and established farmers of American, French, Scottish, English, German, Irish, Native American half breeds, and French Canadian descent.

Several were Mormons who decided not to continue to their original destination. Foods served reflected kitchen accommodations, home country cuisine, indigenous ingredients, seasonal availability and the mood of the cook.

The following excerpts were published in Saddles and Spurs: East of Fort Kearny the home stations and meals were about what they had always known at home. West of that, however, both were incredibly primitive" p.

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These were generally old stage stations, were better equipped, housed at least two riders, the station keeper, and from two to four stock tenders.

Some of them were also home stations for stage drivers. Several spare horses were kept at home stations, as well as supplies and surplus equipment.

A history of the famous people of the american civil war

The others, known as relay stations, were occupied by the keeper and a stock tender. Their job was to care for the three or four horses stationed there and have one ready, day or night, for the next rider who came along.

Joseph to Fort Kearny, Fort Bridger to Rush Valley, and from Carson City to Sacramento most of the stations were located in fairly good country and were reasonably comfortable.

All others were situated in deserts where conditions were unbelievably harsh and difficult. Some of these were constructed of adobe bricks ain the middle of endless, dreary wastes, and others of loose stones in isolated, treeless canyons and unnamed hills All of theme, except the most favorably located, had dirt floors; window glass was unknown; the beds were pole bunks built against the walls, and the furniture consisted of boxes, benches, or anything else the ingenuity of the occupants could contrive.

Most of them had water nearby The food provided [at] the stations was not of a quality designed to tickle the palate of an epicurean.Meet famous figures in the American Civil War, at kaja-net.com From famous politicians to everyday citizens, people from all walks of life played important, sometimes revolutionary, roles during the war.

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The Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1 to July 3, , is considered the most important engagement of the American Civil War.

A history of the famous people of the american civil war

After a great victory over Union forces at Chancellorsville.

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