Argument of fgm

There are three forms of FGC. The second is an excision which removes the clitoris, the hood, and the labia minor the inner folds of the vulva that is responsible for producing lubrication. The infibulation is the third and most radical which also removes everything in the excision along with the labia majora, the outer folds of the vulva.

Argument of fgm

Skepchick[ edit ] Watson founded Skepchick indescribing it as "an organization dedicated to promoting skepticism and critical thinking among women around the world". Fourteen other bloggers beside Watson now contribute regularly, including one man. She returned on episode 36 March 29, as a regular member of the panel.

She also investigated claims of poisonous amounts of lead in lipstick, went on a ghost tour in Boston and visited a Psychic Fair. Her show was the only one among the three winners not to receive funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for being turned into a one-year show.

Would you like to come to my hotel room for coffee? Dawkins contrasted the "elevator incident" with the plight of women in Islamic countries[29] [30] [31] in a post titled "Dear Muslima": Dear Muslima Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and But stop whining, will you.

Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with. Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep"chick", and do you know what happened to her?

A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating.

Argument of fgm

He invited her back to his room for coffee. And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin. He spoke some words to her. She no doubt replied with words. Only words, and apparently quite polite words at that Muslim women suffer physically from misogyny, their lives are substantially damaged by religiously inspired misogyny.

Not just words, real deeds, painful, physical deeds, physical privations, legally sanctioned demeanings. I will no longer recommend his books to others, buy them as presents, or buy them for my own library. I will not attend his lectures or recommend that others do the same. But those of us who are humanists and feminists will find new, better voices to promote and inspire, and Dawkins will be left alone to fight the terrible injustice of standing in elevators with gum-chewers.Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common.

Islamic female circumcision and FGM are altogether two different things with different effects. Female circumcision involves removing the skin (prepuce) around the clitoris, which enhances, not curbs women’s sexuality. Training & Events.

Yes to female circumcision?

View our full LSCB Multi-agency Training Programme – 18 There is a new way to book a place on our Safeguarding Training – the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway For support or enquiries about using the gateway please call or email [email protected] Speaking as a rape survivor: If your discussion about rape can be derailed by someone mentioning rape, you weren’t talking about rape.

Also, there is virtually no difference between FGM and MGM in . - Female Genital Mutilation in Africa ital Mutilation in Sudan In the country of Sudan, in Northern Africa, there is a procedure that is tradition and is performed on most women called female genital mutilation, or FGM, which used to be known as female circumcision.

Sep 21,  · There are two types of circumcision: male and female. Female circumcision is better known by its more-truthful name ‘female genital mutilation’ (fgm) and everyone pretty-much agrees it’s a really bad thing.

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