Concept mapping for nursing case study

I would include among these at least the following -- brainstorming, brainwriting, nominal group techniques, focus groups, affinity mapping, Delphi techniques, facet theory, and qualitative text analysis.

Concept mapping for nursing case study

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Concept Map Case Study: Helen Henry is a 38 year old female who has just received the ne Helen Henry is a 38 year old female who has just received the news from her PCP that she has lung mass. She is admitted to the hospital for further check up.

Her mother died of lung cancer and she is very distraught and crying. She has no family in the area except her wife. They are self-employed and have no health insurance at this time.

However, she is complaining of difficulty breathing with shortness of breath when ambulating. A lung mass biopsy revealed that she has a cancerous tumor on the left lower lobe. The plan is to remove the mass and radiation therapy.

Concept mapping for nursing case study

Henry to the bathroom sh starts to experience shrotness of breath. Respiration 12, in addition she has difficulty ambulating, due to her weiht, and almost falls, the nurse immediately sits her in the chair and and administered 2 liters of nasal O2.

Henry feels a little better and states, "Its hard for me to get around I use a cane to get around when I am alone".

Helen stated"she knows she has to lose weight also bushe loves to eat".

Concept mapping for nursing case study

When the nurse sits with Ms. Henry she states, "my mother died when i was young, what am i going to do" she starts to get angry and tells the nurse to leave the room.

The nurse returns 30 minutes later to check on Ms. Henry, the nurse observes Helen and her wife Jenny eating an entire pizza pie, with a 2 liter bottle of coke. Based on the information above create a part one:Nursing Templates; WP Library - Nursing Resource Page; Interlibrary Loan & Article Copy Service-Instruction Generic Concept Map.

Generic Exemplar Map. Maternity Case Study NUR Concept Nursing Care Plan. Nursing Care Plan - Roy.

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Pediatric Health History. Professional. Teaching Conceptually Focus is on Concept Exemplars provide content knowledge Application of content to interrelated concepts Application of other content to the concept Pneumonia COPD Anemia Pulmonary Edema Pnuemothorax Oxygenation PE RSV RDS AMI Asthma Example #1: Respiratory Failure Case Study Child – RF with Asthma Adult – RF with COPD.

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Concept maps are a type of two-dimensional graphic organizer consisting of nodes (often drawn as boxes or ovals) that are labeled with a concept name and links drawn between the nodes (Nesbit & Adesope, ; Novak & Cañas, ). Dec 04,  · Concept Map: Community Nursing Practice Model Giselle Gerardi. HOW I MAKE CONCEPT MAPS - NURSING SCHOOL - Duration: How to Crack Case Study Interviews - .

Concept Mapping to Synthesize Knowledge and Apply Learning to Real World Case Studies Laurie Hartman teaches two courses in the School of Nursing’s Acute Care Advanced Practice Nurse Program (N and N). Moving to a concept-based curriculum in nursing is really the only way to effectively teach students the material they need for the job and to equip them with the critical thinking and collaboration skills they will need to deliver the best patient care.

Concept Mapping for Enhanced Comprehension in Pharmacology