Help movie review

Not only does the story feature a strong female character in her coming-of-age journey as she learns how to contend with her heavy emotional burden, which modern audiences can surely relate to, but also pays tribute to both its inspirations. The movie was inspired by E.

Help movie review

She owns a piece of land which has a well on it. How Indira manages to help the villagers is put forth in three different narratives -- each the perspective of three different journalists who had a lead on her or her husband. In a one paragraph gist, it seems like a straightforward narrative.

The film is anything but. Just as he is dealing with this, his friend Aravindan is investigated for being a Maoist and he is also implicated in the case. During the investigation, he dies leaving the land to his wife.

Cut to Riaz and his wife Rasina. Both the cases are taken over by the same lawyer who decides to introduce the wives of accused to each other. We are almost nearing the interval of the film and are yet to realize that the film is about Indira and water scarcity.

If ever a film suffered from identity crisis, it has to be Keni. For the first hour, the director is confused what his film is all about.

Is it about corruption? Is it about water scarcity? The film jumps from one narrative to another and the links joining them are tenuous at best. The writing, however, fails to support the idea.

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Secondly, there are so many characters that chaos is the obvious result. Then there is the lawyer and a corrupt police officer. The characters are introduced with due importance in the beginning only to lose relevance soon after. Case in point is Rasina. She has no relevance in the larger scheme of things but is introduced, it seems, to complicate the plot.

We also come across the villains and the three journalists. Even the narrative style is different as Indira travels from Alapuzha to Puliyanmalai.

The stark contrast in the style is distracting and a hurdle. The part set in Alapuzha is too stretched. For example, an entire song is shot in a bus and the mood is contemplative. The commentary on current affairs, especially this bit about aadhaar card being necessary if one needs to admit people to the hospital is timely but a force fit in the film.

Towards the end we see Nasser as lawyer Sathyamurthi who defends Indira, and Rekha as the judge who hears the case of Indira vs State. The case is simple and dealt as such by the lawyer and the smart judge.Aug 01,  · Watch video · "Help!" is a lot of fun.

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Take the fab four with a goofy plot of Ringo being the target of religious sacrificial cult, /10(K). Follow the movie on Facebook and Twitter. Octavia Spencer on Her Role in The Help. Watch Online. Rental (SD) See all critic reviews on Similar Movies.

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Get recommendations for new movies to watch, rent, stream, or own. Self-Help ; Toning & Strength. It’s nice to read a review about this movie that doesn’t have some hack shoehorning issues about gun nuts, gun control or #metoo as a theme they imagined.

Help movie review

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