How to write a blog post on linkedin

By Louise Fletcher One of the key points I cover in my free resume writing courseis the need to stand out by writing a powerful resume summary. You only get a very short amount of time to make an impression and a well written resume summary can make all the difference.

How to write a blog post on linkedin

Top influencers are already publishing on LinkedIn, so people are seeking out content on the platform to read. This cannot be said about your typical WordPress blog. Despite its awesome content marketing potential, The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is still new and understanding what makes a post on the platform perform well is relatively unknown.

Read to the end to access bonus tips for LinkedIn Publishing Posts Therefore, it is imperative to understand what type of content performs best, and how to replicate that magic formula for LinkedIn content success in your subsequent posts.

There are already a number of posts on OkDork about viral contenteffective headlinesand how to create great content that drives traffic.

Click how to write a blog post on linkedin tweet These posts received on average 42, views, comments, andlikes. You should have at least one image in your post.

How to Write a Resume Summary that Grabs Attention | Blue Sky Resumes Blog

Including 8 images when you publish on LinkedIn is associated with a greater number of LinkedIn shares, likes, comments, and views.

Make sure that 1 of those 8 images is at the top of the post. Many people include an image in the very beginning to act as a sort of header image. Unfortunately, the data indicates that the inclusion of multimedia assets are associated with fewer post views.

Be wary of adding them to your posts. Headlines are often considered the most important part of a blog post. Websites like BuzzFeed and UpWorthy have built their business around crafting content with headlines that entice click-through.

A good headline can make or break a post when you post on LinkedIn. Poll your social media audience or email subscribers. Simply list out several headline options and ask people to click the one they feel most compelled to read. Buy some AdWords ads and use different ad copy to see which one is clicked more.

When you write a post, publish with one headline, and Tweet the post with varying headlines along with different unique Bitly links.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money From It

Then edit your post headline to use the version that had the greatest click-through rate. Back to the LinkedIn data Using headings H1, H2, H3 tags, etc. Post with large word counts perform well.

Posts between and words perform the best and gain the greatest number of post views, LinkedIn likes, LinkedIn comments, and LinkedIn Shares.

However, neutral language posts tend to see more comments and post views than both positive and negative sentiments. Likewise, professional photographers use them to capture unique photographs that would be hard to get by walking…" About the topic of drones, it is neither positive nor negative. It is neutral and all about stating the facts.

If the sentiment of your post is not inherently clear to you, there are a number of free sentiment analysis tools you can use to assess your writing, such as AlchemyAPI.

A positive sentiment score will be greater than 0, a neutral score will not have a score, and a negative sentiment will be less than 0.

If you are planning to use other social networks to promote your LinkedIn publisher post, which you should, Tweets have the highest correlation to LinkedIn success metrics.

For the data nerds reading: The LinkedIn publishing platform is no exception. You can use a tool like Twitter Analytics or Tweriod to determine the best times to promote your posts.

These are the time I should be Tweeting for a maximum of impressions.

how to write a blog post on linkedin

More post likes will also get you LinkedIn shares, post views, and comments according to correlation data. Again, just for us data nerds: LinkedIn post views are most correlated with LinkedIn post likes 0. Adding a call to action at the end or beginning of your postencouraging people to click the thumbs up and like the post is likely a very effective way of gaining more views and shares.

If you enjoyed the post, please click the thumbs up icon above and let me know! The effort required to like a post is less than adding a comment or even sharing it, but it can lead to both!

Publish your LinkedIn posts on Thursday Summary In order to get the maximum number of post views… Your title should be be characters long.

Include 8 images in your post.

how to write a blog post on linkedin

They perform the best.Apr 16,  · Write a LinkedIn update about the post you wrote, let people on other social media networks know, and feel free to get creative (e.g., put your latest LinkedIn blog post in your email signature).

4. Writing a blog post is a little like driving; you can study the highway code (or read articles telling you how to write a blog post) for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

Don’t write Question Posts—LinkedIn posts where the headline poses a question perform poorly.. Do write How posts—These posts perform best across the board in terms of LinkedIn Publishing metrics..

Do write List posts—These posts perform well, getting slightly more post views, post likes, LinkedIn post comments, and LinkedIn Shares than non-list posts. And, while I don't recommend you creating a blog post and summarizing it on the LinkedIn publishing platform, I do recommend creating a LinkedIn publisher post and then summarizing it on your blog.

As with all writing, writing blog posts requires skill. To keep your reader interested, you should think about the structure of your piece and write appealing articles.

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