How to write a news about election 2016

But can polls be trusted?

How to write a news about election 2016

During the campaign, coverage of Hillary Clinton's e-mails dwarfed all other topics related to her campaign. CNN Ready to fight back? Sign up for Take Action Now and get three actions in your inbox every week.

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Sign up for our Wine Club today. Did you know you can support The Nation by drinking wine? Conservatives take it as a given that the mainstream press has been hostile toward Donald Trump since he declared his candidacy for president.

After that, there were around 22, mentions of the Clinton Foundation. The issue associated with Clinton that got the most attention was jobs, which were mentioned in around 15, sentences. The opposite was true in coverage of Trump.


Jobs, immigration, and trade, on the other hand, were mentioned in stories about Trump over 75, times. Their system analyzes who reads news stories, which outlets cite them, and who shares them across social media.

It places news outlets on the ideological spectrum by looking at cross-linking patterns between sources, the reach of stories on Twitter and Facebook and the ratio of tweets by partisan influencers on the left and the right.

Their database contains information about the content and spread over two million articles published during the 18 months leading up to Election Day.

A couple of different dynamics contributed to the disparity in mainstream coverage. On the latter, Trump broke with what had long been the orthodox Republican view that trade was a net benefit for the economy.

how to write a news about election 2016

Among partisan Democratic outlets, there was significantly less conflict over the issues. On both the left and the right, the Clinton scandals dominated her coverage, so it only follows that this in turn informed the mainstream reporting. Media polarization has gotten a lot of attention in recent years.

how to write a news about election 2016

But Yochai Benkler says that his team found that media polarization in was asymmetrical. Essentially, everyone from the center right—from publications like National Review or The Wall Street Journal—all the way to the left, at publications like Mother Jones, had a more or less normal distribution, in the sense that most of the attention was given to [reporting in] the older, more professional media like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN.

Whereas what happened on the right is that the more you were shared and used by [conservatives], the more attention you got. As a result, a handful of outlets—led by Breitbart, which played a dominant role on the right—formed a sort of nucleus of online media on the right.

This was evident in coverage of the Clinton Foundation. While there was some legitimate criticism of how its funds were spent, the allegations of corruption never amounted to more than innuendo.

Validated by the Times, the story was then picked up by the rest of the traditional media. That was in the spring ofand despite a rash of reports immediately following the Times story, it then remained largely confined to the conservative media until the summer ofwhen Hillary Clinton got a significant bump in the polls following the Democratic National Convention.

At that point, the month-old story, which had been validated by mainstream reports the year before, became a central feature of the campaign. According to the study, this was a result of excellent media activism on the right.

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This, according to the Harvard study, is a vulnerability. To submit a correction for our consideration, click here. For Reprints and Permissions, click here.Special Election - th Congress: CD 8 Special Election: Republican • Seat up for special election: Tuesday 7 June • Special Election - Primary on Tuesday 15 March All candidates in the special election are the same as in the full term election except for Jim Condit, Jr.

who is running as a Green is the regular election and as Constitution is the Special Election. We cannot understand what happened in the election, Russia-gate or the Trump presidency by reading the hour digital news on our phones or watching the talking heads on partisan cable news.

Write-in votes probably won't be counted on election night There is a change to know about write-in votes this year, however. Counting write-in votes has often been a laborious process. State of Delaware Commissioner of Elections, County Departments of Elections, Federal Programs, Help America Vote Act of , National Voter Registration Act State of Delaware - Department of Elections · Office of the State Election Commissioner.

Official results of the November 8, General Election for President of the United States (recount), U.S. Senator, Representative to Congress, State Senator (SD32 recount), State Representative and District Attorney, certified November 29, Unfortunately, the left cannot combat this online rise of the right, of fake news and social media vitriol, without the help of tech companies.

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