Lawn pesticides and chemicals essay

Environmental Quotes about GENERAL "Perhaps reluctantly we come to acknowledge that there are also scars which mark the surface of our Earth—erosion, deforestation, the squandering of the world's mineral and ocean resources in order to fuel an insatiable consumption. The temperature increases bring crop-withering heat waves, more-destructive storms, more-intense droughts, more forest fires, and, of course, ice melting. We are crossing natural thresholds that we cannot see and violating deadlines that we do not recognize.

Lawn pesticides and chemicals essay

How much do you know about pesticides and your health? Rachel Carson's best seller, "Silent Spring," was a wakeup call that led to a reduction in pesticide use in the United States.

When the EPA looks at a pesticide to decide whether to register it for use in the United States, its primary concern is to ensure that the chemical presents no significant human health or environmental risks. The EPA performs toxicity tests on pesticides before registration.

The federal government prohibits use of pesticides known to cause cancer. The EPA takes the necessary precautions to ensure pesticide levels are safe for our infants and children. Cancer is the primary risk from chronic, longterm exposure to pesticides. The "Inert Ingredients" included in pesticides are biologically inactive and hence not hazardous.

Pesticides may be used in Maine only if they have gone through the EPA's registration process. Washing and peeling fruits and vegetables removes all or most pesticide residues. Imported fruits and vegetables are more likely to have pesticide residues than domestic.

You can help increasingly threatened pollinator insects by cultivating bee-friendly plants in your garden. Eating certified organic food or growing your own food organically is the best way to minimize exposure to pesticides in your and your children's diet.

The Food Quality Protection Act has effectively addressed the fundamental inadequacies of our pesticide regulatory system: Maine municipalities have no power to regulate pesticide use. Rachel Carson's book raised public consciousness and understanding of the risks of pesticides and a decade later led to the cancellation of the registration of DDT and several other persistent organic and highly toxic pesticides although they continued to be manufactured for use abroad.

However, according to EPA estimates, 1. Adjusted for inflation, U. The percentage of crop acres treated with herbicides rose from about 50 percent in the s to more than 96 percent in the s.

Lawn pesticides and chemicals essay

The most recent EPA report of pesticides sales in the United States reports that pesticide use decreased 8 percent from 1. The spread of GR weeds [weeds resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide] is bound to trigger further increases, e.

At key agencies, a disregard for inconvenient evidence seems to be a prerequisite. Pesticides that have been EPA-approved for use by farmers are "safe" when used as directed.

Even the EPA concedes that its pesticide registration process is no guarantee of safety. EPA regulations specifically prohibit manufacturers of pesticides from making claims such as "safe," "harmless" or "nontoxic to humans and pets" with or without accompanying phrases such as "when used as directed.

Even if there are substantial health risks, the EPA may decide the economic benefits outweigh the risks. The federal Food Quality Protection Act of FQPA did away with the economic benefit analysis for new tolerances for dietary risk but left it unchanged for human occupational exposures and environmental risks.

Pesticide manufacturers provide the data on which the EPA bases its judgments. An inherent conflict of interest exists between EPA's need for unbiased data and the manufacturers' need for data that show their products are not hazardous. Manufacturers contend that fear of lawsuits keeps them honest, but this argument hardly holds water for long-term, chronic consequences of pesticide exposure, such as cancer or decreased sperm counts, which show up years after exposure.

In fact, as many as 65 percent of more than 16, pesticides were first approved for the market using this loophole. Some of these chemicals are used in several different pesticides … Thus, the total number of registered pesticide products containing known or suspected carcinogens is far greater than 40, but few have been severely restricted in the United States … Pesticides … approved for use by the U.

Many of the solvents, fillers, and other chemicals listed as inert ingredients on pesticide labels also are toxic, but are not required to be tested for their potential to cause chronic diseases such as cancer. Similarly, exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones, and toxic run-off from livestock feed lots can be minimized by eating free-range meat raised without these medications if it is available.

For example, farming communities have higher rates of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and soft tissue sarcoma, as well as cancers of the skin, lip, stomach, brain, and prostate. Thus far the epidemiological study has raised red flags about a number of pesticides, including two widely used herbicides, imazethapyr and atrazine.

In Marchthe International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization, stunned pesticides proponents by declaring the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate — one of the world's most popular weed killers — along with the widely used insecticides Malathion and Diazinon, "probable carcinogens.

In Septemberthe EPA announced that it did not believe that glyphosate was a probable carcinogen. The documents also revealed that there was some disagreement within the E.This shopping feature will continue to load items.

In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Safer® Brand offers OMRI-listed organic gardening pesticides, natural insecticides, & organic lawn fertilizer. Shop online! Mar 26,  · Pesticide use is very common, but few realize how dangerous the chemicals in them actually are.

The government allows liberal use of pesticides without regard for the consequences. Stories about the dangerous consequences of lawn chemicals abound. Nearly 50 school children in Ohio developed symptoms of poisoning after herbicides were sprayed near their school.

A professional skater makes a claim in Newsweek that her health was “destroyed” after exposure to pesticides sprayed on a neighbor’s lawn (her dog died the. Ask Your Question. Angie's List Answers is the trusted spot to ask home improvement and health questions and get answers from service companies, health providers and consumers.

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