Leadership essay mckinsey

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Leadership essay mckinsey

Based on the information provided in the case, what kind of organizational structure does McKinsey use and why? They emphasise the individual consultant development, so called I-shaped consultants. It is team-based organisation with team-led sectors and segments. All branches of a company combine a high degree of local autonomy with a one-firm policy.

The manager of each office had broad operating responsibility and decision-making authority, but only within the limits of firm principles, strategy, and policies. I think that McKinsey is a transnational type of company, because its subsidiaries are relatively independent from the rest of the company, since they are bonded to the local environment, to which they have to be very attentive.

The transnational company is also described by Bartlett and Ghoshal as an integrated and interdependent network of various but equal units, where headquarters does not play a commanding role. Headquarters choose to control their subsidiaries by socialization and networks.

All directors or management are elected from locals, company does not push their people from the main office for high positions. As company operate as a partnership all decisions are deliberated and discussed with partners.

Leadership essay mckinsey

How does McKinsey manage its knowledge and learning? Please analyze at least a couple of examples; connect them to their competitive advantage and mentality.

Partnership work hard on their present and future methods of how to enhance and perfect knowledge. There are over McKinsey offices in 60 countries.

Company strive to bring and retain the best employees from top universities of the world. Furthermore company is known for hiring highly competitive and ambitious people, it want to see the results with time, therefore if someone does not improve and progress along with a company the one is fired.


By having so many offices all over the world they also encourage and support the dissemination of information and knowledge between consultants. For example if one employee have difficulties at the end of a day, one can write messages to other employees in Europe and United Statesthe next morning there are usually seven or eight new advices, ideas and leads.

As well company developed and introduced Telecom Intranet, which improved intra company sharing of knowledge and communication. Why has McKinsey decided to establish the Client Services Team CSTand what role does it play in the company Client service teams create an environment which support and facilitate interests of the clients.

They focus employees on results-oriented efforts and engage all specialists with different knowledge. CST enhance client service and solidify client long-term relationships.

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McKinsey recognizes the importance of client satisfaction in cultivating and retaining clients, and the crucial role that client service teams play in increasing that satisfaction. CST practice is a vital part of company commitment to help their clients compete more effectively and achieve greater results.

CST enhances communication among the firm and its key clients. Better informed team members are able to service clients more effectively and more proactively.Louise gluck essays on leadership argumentative essay on minimum wage louise gluck essays on leadershipIeee research paper on thunderbolt.

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Words May 23rd, 21 Pages. Show More. WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP McKinsey & Company's study on Women Matter shows the companies perform best, on both organizational and financial performances due to gender diversity and have a higher proportion of women on their management level.

(Desvaux. McKinsey recognizes the importance of client satisfaction in cultivating and retaining clients, and the crucial role that client service teams play in increasing that satisfaction.

Moreover, strengthening and expanding client relationships is a critical tool for improving firms’ financial performance, and CST foster enduring relationships.

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