Leading fir change

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Leading fir change

Leading fir change

Yoga is another type of movement that has recently become a popular way to improve wellness. And for good reason, considering that research is continually revealing its physical, mental and even social health perks.

All you need is a mat or chair and you are ready to get your Zen on. Whether your goal is to touch your toes, calm your mind, or get heart healthy, yoga has many benefits. It is also an activity that all ages, backgrounds, and health and fitness levels can do.

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Wherever you are on the yoga spectrum, there is a class for you. Yoga 4 Change Y4C is a purpose-driven yoga gaining momentum in Jacksonville.

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It helps to give hope and self-confidence while improving overall health to veterans, at-risk youth, those dealing with substance abuse and those incarcerated. Prisons, rehabilitation centers, and juvenile detention centers may not seem like typical settings for the breathing, stretching, and meditating found in yoga studios, but according to Kathryn Thomas, founder and CEO of Y4C, this is all the more reason to do it.

Kathryn, a helicopter pilot in the United States Navy, was forced into early retirement after suffering a serious leg injury while on deployment.

Leading fir change

After struggling with a challenging rehabilitation, the realization that she would never fly again, and feeling a loss of identity, Thomas found yoga as a way to recharge, refocus and regain her strength and purpose.

As a result, she was driven to share the positive impact of yoga with others dealing with stress and life challenges. Since its inception inY4C has positively impacted the annual health and empowerment of more than 30, Jacksonville veterans, at-risk youth, those dealing with substance abuse and the incarcerated.

On average, Y4C participants have reduced stress by 50 percent, improved their mood by upwards of 40 percent, and decreased blood pressure by an average 15 points. When something works, we must keep the momentum going.

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The result is the start of a Movement 4 Change. E-mail fitness and healthy aging expert Heather A. Digital access or digital and print delivery.Organisational change has become increasingly important, due to the fact that businesses are faced with an ever-changing economic environment, and must constantly keep up with that change.

However, while some employees welcome change as a new opportunity, others feel threatened by it. Internal resi.

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“John Kotter’s book Leading Change offers practical suggestions for making real changes in business organizations and having them stick. His book is a must read for leaders and managers in captive organizations and alternative insurance service providers.

Leading Project Teams: The Basics of Project Management and Team Leadership [Anthony T. Cobb] on kaja-net.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This practical book provides entry-level project tools and skills for newcomers to project management. It helps student teams become more effective at doing course projects by learning and applying project management tools and techniques.

John Kotter's guiding principles for leading change

Will it be a city leading change and progress? It could be—if the right people are leading us. That was the theme of last night’s Germination Project gala, the annual extravaganza that celebrated a new class of teenagers who—the proposition is—will be among the leaders Philadelphia needs to make us a great city of the future.

The leadership of the change effort can’t end with the top team, the top managers, or the top 1, managers. It has to be an all-hands-on-deck engagement.

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