Panera bread value chain

This has been a growing trend within the entire food industry as of late, but especially within the quick service restaurants. In the past, restaurants have focused on providing clean facilities, excellent customer services, and a variety of menu options as cost-effective ways to save money and bring more people into the restaurant. Panera Bread is taking the lead in adding another concept:

Panera bread value chain

Entrepreneur offers a free lunch and still keeps afloat: The idea is charitable by nature, aimed at helping US families that are struggling to piece together their daily bread. People who can pay a little more are requested to leave some extra cash to support people who are short some.

The program currently runs in 3 full-concept dedicated restaurants, serving about people a week. The results so far are very surprising: Dignity to the people who cannot pay for their meal will be the key driver to the success of the concept. Stores should therefore have no cash registers, to provide the required atmosphere of dignity The concept will thrive if it is community driven; people from the same neighbourhood supporting each other.

Stores are therefore best located in economically diverse neighborhoods, where one group can directly support another. It is confusing for customers to walk into a store without prices. Therefore communication on the concept should be made as clear as possible to customers.

Panera bread value chain

And, what it has come up with is a highly innovative revenue stream, which other organizations can use too, namely a stream that fuses consumption and charity.

Imagine what more you could do with this. Perhaps you could pivot the model and try it out in customer communities which are less economically divers at the Bottom of the Pyramid and see how it works out there.

Panera bread value chain

Or, more radically, you could try it out on virtual communities through the web, overcoming geographical restrictions between rich and poor. This is sure to be overkill for regular readers, but TiP is currently contending for spot at the Unreasonable Institute startup mentoring program and could use a boost.

A recent study describes a case study of a Pakistani restaurant in Vienna, where the same Panera business model principles have been applied. The Harvard Business Review quote of the study mentions: The restaurant also benefits from fixed prices for drinks.The primary components of Panera Bread’s value chain are their operations, supply-chain, and service.

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The operations focus on their bakery segment. All of their managers are given detailed operation manuals and detailed training is given to all employees. In this fun-filled culinary experience, your child will put on their own cotton baking hat and apron, observe a baker’s demonstration of three of our favorite baked goods, take a tour of our back of house, sample from our clean kid’s menu and even decorate a cookie with tips from our baker.

Panera Bread's Buyout Shows the Value in Healthy Food Options Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty The popular fast-casual chain is an example of how the country's shift toward healthy eating is leading to booming business.

Panera Bread

Feedback Launches comment card in new window Launches comment card in new window. Value There is great value in Panera’s distribution because they utilize multiple distribution channels to get the final product to the customer.

As indicated in the case, they use company owned bakery-cafes and supply to franchise bakery-cafes to reach the largest amount of consumers. Apr 02,  ·, the Web site for the American chain of bakery-cafe fast casual restaurants by the same name, leaked millions of customer records — including names, email and physical addresses.

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