Risk mitigation strategy for external service provider for data storage

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Risk mitigation strategy for external service provider for data storage

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A company outsources—at least theoretically—to transfer work unrelated to its main business to contractors that specialize in those tasks.

Thus, if your company manufactures widgets, you might consider outsourcing your payroll duties to a company that knows the ins and outs of tax law, accounting and so forth. Dealing with just a single desktop computer can be extremely frustrating, and troubleshooting the problems can be downright infuriating.

But what about an entire room full of computers and other equipment? And who can pass up the promised cost savings?


The outsourcing options for data center services are almost as numerous as the ostensible benefits. Myriad service providers are ready to help you as far as you want to go: But the picture is not all rosy, as you probably guessed.

Data center outsourcing is a legitimate option for many companies, and it can be done successfully if carefully planned. Rushing headlong into sending all your IT resources into the cloud, with no thought for the potential pitfalls and hidden expenses, can be nigh on disastrous. Costs can quickly mount and thereby make the traditional in-house data center approach look much more appealing than it might have originally.

But if you are considering looking beyond your company for IT services, first consider the following risks and pitfalls that could hamper your transition.

These warnings may dissuade you from outsourcing, or they may simply help you outsource more successfully—the choice is yours!

Linked Open Data for Global Disaster Risk Research

This is a perennial concern of data center outsourcing. By allowing an outside party to provide your IT services, you are letting another group of individuals into the loop of your data and computer activities.

Although many service providers are scrupulous about securing their facilities—both physical and virtual—the risks still are present and, in some cases, are compounded. Data center service providers must provide all the usual security measures: But other security risks may be peculiar to these providers.

For example, colocation providers may allow customers access to the data center—meaning that unless special precautions such as cages or locked cabinets are taken, your competitors or worse could see or access your equipment, compromising your data security.

Cloud computing in particular is plagued with concerns about security. A remote service provider, in this case, could be storing and processing your data, in addition to transferring it back and forth over public data infrastructure.

Although security measures may be in place VPNs, encryption and various other countermeasures against known avenues of attackthe opportunities for an enterprising hacker to gain access to your data are rife.

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Virtualization also poses some risks, with applications from potentially numerous different customers all operating on the same server.Our Collection of VWR Brands. Quality Solutions, Designed with You as our Focus by a team and network of professionals with advanced degrees in science, quality control, engineering, manufacturing and industry experience.

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An important step in managing risk is analyzing the risks to be managed. This paper--authored by the individual responsible for managing risk at Ericsson Global Services (EGS)--explains EGS's risk an.

Areas of Risk for Data Center Outsourcing.

Risk mitigation strategy for external service provider for data storage

Data center service providers must provide all the usual security measures: physical site security, malware protection, data encryption, authenticated access and employee background checks, to name a few.

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