Similarities between the devil and tom walker and young goodman brown

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Similarities between the devil and tom walker and young goodman brown

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Similar Symbolisms Between "the Devil and Tom Walker" and "young Goodman Brown" During the era of the Puritans, a new structure of literacy, American Romanticism, reformed and brought freedom of imagination to two specific writers: Washington Irving and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Although they reveal their themes in an opposing matter, both Irving and Hawthorne use a similar rhetorical device to clarify the relation in their meaning of the paths and the significance of the devil. First of all, Irving and Hawthorne both use a symbolic gist to slowly detail the pathways in their short stories.

Though it would soon be covered with the darkness of greed and evil, Walker risked the loss of his soul for the temporary phase of richness. Because of all the wealth he obtained as he was aging, his understanding of losing everything he gained to the devil illuminated in his mind and soon regretted his bargain.

Similarities between the devil and tom walker and young goodman brown

Thus, the story articulates prophesy of the pathway to the conclusion of losing his essence to gluttony cravings. During his walk on the path, he encounters bumps on the road that curve his way into his loss of faith and innocence. This path that he takes symbolizes the gloomy essence he will obtain after realizing all the wrongs that a person buries underneath them.

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Even though this pathway was only in his dream, soon after awakened, it had a drastic impact on his thoughts in reality. Another comparable symbolism both writers use between the two short stories is the significance of the devil.Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, Young Goodman Brown and Washington Irving’s, The Devil and Tom Walker are two examples of works containing this same premise.

Within both stories good and evil wage war via each of the protagonist’s encounter with the devil, the roles of the wives in the stories, and is also illustrated in the cast of supporting.

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Young Goodman Brown is full of symbolism! Goodman Brown's wife, Faith, represents weakness (Faith succumbed to the devil).

Similarities between the devil and tom walker and young goodman brown

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