Stereotypes of westerners essay

Before we can appreciate cinema's century-long pattern of stereotypical representation, we need to have a more precise understanding of what stereotypes and stereotyping are—in general and as they appear in the media.

Stereotypes of westerners essay

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Some of these responses exemplify the ongoing stereotyping of Africa and Africans. Public discourse, unfortunately, still has the tendency of addressing Africa as a country, a war ridden space full of sadness and its inhabitants as savage and helpless.

But stereotypes are not limited to these images of misery. Other stereotypes romanticize Africa and Africans, they convey an image of the exotic and unspoiled continent. Moreover, various perspectives convey an image of poor people as a noble poor. These images may be highlighted in the context of Ebola, but they are always present.

Africa is a country Of course we all know that Africa is not a country, yet the idea of Africa as a country is continuously reinforced in a variety of public platforms.

Middle Eastern – Western Stereotypes | Challenges to Perceptions

For example, as a response to the Ebola crisis, a variety of countries implemented strict visa regulations for people coming from all over Africa. Whereas I understand that health controls are intensified when it concerns people black and white coming from the three Ebola hit countries, it is shameful that travelling becomes harder and harder even for people coming from other African countries.

In Norway, people in a plane with a Kenyan with fever on board were not allowed to disembark due to fear of Ebola. Yet, Kenya is quite far from the three Ebola hit countries.

The HvA, a tertiary educational institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has prohibited its students from travelling to the continent for internships or study.

Stereotypes of westerners essay

One would expect differently from a knowledge institute. But also in many other cases, references to Africa are inappropriately made.

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Newspapers for instance continue to report about Africa, even where specific countries are involved. The Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper, for example reported that a mammoth was found in Africa. This may come across as a small and unimportant illustration, but what prevented the newspaper from putting Namibia in the title?

It was Namibia after all where the remains were found. Shoanna Solomon leads a campaign to break down western stereotypes of African people.

Stereotypes of westerners essay

Attention that is highly needed as are donations! The various BandAid initiatives are the best examples of this. The songs convey images that might prove useful to raise money, but also maintain stereotypical views on the continent.

As many critics have argued, these texts exemplify an ignorance of Africa and reinforce a white savior narrative. Furthermore, several artists from across Africa have also produced a song and in Sierra Leone I have friends who produce educational videos and songs to combat Ebola.

These more local initiatives are generally ignored. Moreover, although Ebola clearly exemplifies these narratives, they are always present: Africa as a country, a place of poverty and sadness, a place where there is no space for happiness and thus no Christmas joy, and a place that needs the West.

Let it be clear, I do support initiaves that aim at raising funds to combat the problems. This is highly needed, as health infrastructure is weak and governments and people face challenges in addressing the issues, for too many and complex reasons to discuss here.

The point is not that I doubt the necessasity of raising money or even the goodwill behind the songs. The point is that songs like this, newspaper articles about mammoths or ridiculous visa or travel regulations, portray and mantain ignorant ideas and fears of Africa and Africans, often resulting in feelings of superiority and sometimes even racism.

Thus, yes support the international fight against poverty, but let those who engage in opinion making be aware of the consequences of the stereotyped messages that they often convey. Life entails more than sadness, also in the poorest African countries.

Indeed, life entails more than sadness, also in the poorest African countries. Africa is not simply the arena of sadness, war, hunger, corrupt governments and development organizations.Gender Stereotypes In today’s society, people stereotype to generalize certain groups; such as religion, beliefs, or even discriminating groups of people because of there race, gender, or appearance.

The Art of Stereotypes. The art of stereotypes "Stereotypes are the generalization of a person or group of people" (Grobman). Stereotypes have been around for centuries. During the late 20th century, stereotypes about Muslims increased in Hollywood movies considerably.

They revolved around Muslim men who are all bearded, cold-blooded . Argumentative essay on the social issue of stereotyping Muslim-Arabs in western media Technology may channels the channels and the means of stereotyping but the content or the style of misrepresentation of Muslim community is same (Ridouani 1).

Stereotype #2: Western women don’t care about family as much as Chinese women do.

Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotypes Essay - The use of stereotypes is a daily necessity for some individuals, without the true realization of how damaging they are.

What some do not realize is that stereotypes are no more than a bias way in which we simplify our social world. A stereotype is a set of simplistic but not necessarily accurate generalization about a group which aids people in speedy processing and categorization of a group to in order to generate knowledge about the group and to treat them accordingly.

Dec 04,  · Stereotyping Africa: an appeal for a normal people perspective, by Robert J. Pijpers Posted on December 4, by Mats Utas The recent Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea has spurred a .

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