Strategic leadership of michael o leary

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Strategic leadership of michael o leary

Share via Email Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary appears to be the antithesis of the well-rounded and well-loved image that most corporate chiefs are desperate to cultivate. He is fiery, belligerent and antagonistic to competitors, unions, staff and even customers.

He is seriously foul-mouthed, outspoken, and appears not to give a second thought about damaging his profile, or the company's. There is a school of thought that this is all an act, and a brilliant act at that.

Strategic leadership of michael o leary

Has he proven that there is no such thing as bad publicity? Ryanair has always punched and headbutted way above its weight. For O'Leary, there are no Queensbury rules - he sees rules as only for the hard of thinking. Tony Ryan, who founded Ryanair inspotted a significant gap in the market.

Ryan was bold and robust but, after racking up huge losses, he pushed his protege and former financial advisor, O'Leary, through the ranks to become chief executive. O'Leary had attended Trinity College, Dublin. He was smart and diligent with rather a quiet disposition but had left Trinity without a degree.

Being thrust into a leadership position at Ryanair was the making of O'Leary and he has played his hand magnificently.

The new airline soon found itself locked in battle with the Dublin airports authority over airport charges. This was a pivotal moment in the development of both Ryanair and O'Leary. He learnt quickly that the future of the airline would lie outside its native land and, far more importantly, he realised that there was no such thing as equal opportunities, especially when you are the brash new boy on the block.

Like all winners, he has no problem with plagiarism. True innovation can be exhilarating for any organisation, but so can judicious theft of ideas. Inhe visited Southwest Airlines.

The pioneering and handsomely profitable Dallas-based outfit was one of the first to depart from the traditional 'hub-and-spoke' flight routing system. Southwest built its success on flying multiple short, quick trips into secondary airports of major cities, and standardising on one model of aircraft, the Boeing This standardisation reduced maintenance costs and shaved time off turn arounds at airports, helping Southwest become the fourth-largest US airline in terms of domestic passengers carried.

It has been profitable every year since O'Leary had his vision, even if it was secondhand. Ryanair became the model that many in Europe followed but never quite matched. These carriers are no longer just copycats; they are setting the standards for budget airlines around the world, and even have a Harvard Business School case study about them.

O'Leary is the driving force behind the Ryanair approach - innovative, fast, aggressive and unapologetic. He needs little invitation and no cajoling to provide a stream of invective on just about anything that appears to stand in his way.

The obvious targets are his competitors, and he singles out BA and Aer Lingus for special treatment, but there is no favouritism - he has even crossed swords with the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern. Against the backdrop of a quintessentially polite bunch of 'old Europe' national carriers, who have always competed in polite fashion, he has 'gone for it'.

All is fair game.Staff Leadership. David F. Arons, JD. Chief Executive Officer. David Arons is the Chief Executive Officer of National Brain Tumor Society. He previously served in leadership and external positions at the American Cancer Society in Minnesota, the Center for Lobbying in the .

Michael O'Leary is a Attorney in Albany, NY. Click Michael’s profile to discover their Avvo Rating, write a review, and read professional endorsements. Consistently low fares and trimming overheads meant a strong summer for the company, but chief executive Michael O’Leary said being “nicer” to customers also played a part.

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Within minutes of entering Michael O’Leary’s office near Dublin airport, I quickly find myself at the receiving end of the jokey banter of Ryanair’s voluble boss after he asks me who I flew. Apr 14,  · Michael O'Leary, Irish businessman and the chief executive officer of the Irish airline Ryanair, speaks during press conference on February 4, in Bratislava.

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Strategic leadership of michael o leary

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