The importance of the crime scene security

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The importance of the crime scene security

This is done to prevent contaminated evidence.

Investigators try to avoid contamination at all costs. While it is difficult to completely avoid contamination, many steps are taken to ensure the integrity of the crime scene remains intact.

Officers take care to not eat, drink, smoke, or take their breaks near the crime scene. Anything leftover by the officers on scene could be mistaken for potential evidence and tamper with the success of the investigation.

Sequence of events[ edit ] The Initial Responding Officer receives a dispatch call and arrives at the location of the crime. This officer plays a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of the scene.

Initial responders are in charge of securing the scene by setting up physical barriers to control the traffic in and around the area. This walkthrough helps the investigators get an understanding of what kind of crime has occurred.

The unit notes on the presence of potential evidence and devises a plan for processing the scene. The unit will take pictures and draw sketches of the scene. Sometimes videos are taken to ensure every detail of the crime is documented. These items are tagged, logged, and packaged to ensure nothing is damaged or lost.

All evidence from the scene is sent to the forensic laboratory for analysis. Once the results are in they go to the lead detective on the case [5] Documentation[ edit ] Photographs of all evidence are taken before anything is touched, moved, or otherwise further investigated.

Evidence markers are placed next to each piece of evidence allowing for organization of the evidence. Sketching the scene is also a form of documentation at a crime scene. This allows for notes to be taken as well as to gauge distances and other information that may not be easily detected from only a photograph.

The investigators will draw out locations of evidence and all other objects in the room. The sketch is usually drawn from an above point of view.

Notes are taken by investigators to ensure memorization of their thoughts and suspicions about different pieces of evidence. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Evidence collection[ edit ] FBI agents collect evidence from a crime scene Evidence comes in many different forms such as guns, blood on knives, etc.

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It can be anything from a biological sample like blood, or everyday item like receipts or bank statements. Other types of evidence include: Forensic scientists analyze this evidence so they can come up with an explanation for why and how a crime occurred.

Ensuring that evidence is collected in an accurate and timely manner helps officers to better understand what happened at the scene and aids in the investigation being completed successfully.

The importance of the crime scene security

Only the appropriate personnel with the proper knowledge and training should be collecting evidence. These individuals include, First Responders, Crime Scene Investigators, and other specialized personnel.

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For instance, paper containers, such as bags,envelopes, or boxes, may be optimal for biological samples. Paper containers allow evidence that is not completely dry to continue drying. When the evidence is collected properly there is less of a chance that the items collected will be damaged or contaminated.

Forensics uses a variety of different tools and techniques. Fingerprint collection through the use of grey or black magnetic powder. DNA and other bodily fluids are collected and, whether it is hair or fluid, for further examination in a lab.

Electronics are taken for examination by a technical expert to search for further evidence. Documents from the area are also taken for further examination. Ammunition and weapons are taken for matching to wounds and ballistics.

Photographs of tool marks are taken because they can be matched to a weapon at a later time. Any other trace evidence is also collected. Trace evidence is anything left behind by a perpetrator or could have been transferred to the perpetrator.Over the years, I have written multiple articles on the subject of digital or cyber forensics and the importance it serves in supporting the modern world with regards to corporate and government incident response, first responder engagements, and more general aspects of scene-of-crime management in.

Protecting the Crime Scene by George Schiro Forensic Scientist Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory. The most important aspect of evidence collection and preservation is protecting the crime scene. This is to keep the pertinent evidence uncontaminated until it can be recorded and collected.

Crime Scene Investigation Marilyn T. Miller Introduction This classification does not infer any priority or importance to the scene, but is simply a designation of sequence of locations. Figure Multilevel crime scene security.

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Jul 25,  · Security officer duties include protecting people, places and property from potential threats. Although the security officer job description varies, depending on the specific work setting, security guard duties focus primarily on preventing crime.

A vigilant security force deters criminals who are.

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