The reasons for english prime minister gladstones transition from tory to liberal

Thirty-five per cent of Australians or around seven million people have a chronic condition. One in five have two or more chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer. That places a lot of pressure on the health system.

Why did this block occur?

In the interest of science and the pursuit of truth, no ground is too sacred for exploration, no theory too venerable or cherished for the detention of the evolutionist.

Tho true is sought in the concrete, and new beliefs are substituted for older faiths. History is being rewritten by a race of writers brilliant in style and fearless in the pursuit of truth as supported by knowledge.

The geologist has called the great globe itself to testify to the truth of his theories, the naturalist has compelled the dryad and the naiad, from their evasive existences, to yield up their secrets to the evidences of their physical construction, and, deep down in the atom and the protoplasm, man searches for the cause which shall unsettle forever his hitherto unques- tioned belief.

The arc of this theory embraces the five senses, and is perfect within that radius ;beyond, all that we feel but cannot prove, is false and untrustworthy; analyze, prove, and be- lieve; theorize, with the souls uplifted, inexpressible aspiration of faith, and you are lost.

The pioneers in thk new movement were great, earnest, wise men, who, loving nature with a childs love, sought to fathom her groat secrets with a reverent curiosity. Tolerant and indulgent tLmselves, they undermined the venera- tion for old doctrincs without advocating universal ruin or entire unbelief.

Pursuing the path of their research with determined steps, applying the torch to every cranny of the tortuous path, they have yet held by that cord of tradition and memory to which inheritance attached them, and thus into the bowels of the earth they drag at each remove a lengthening chain.

In seeking for Natures source through all its physical struct- ure they have yet looked reverently upward unto Naturez God. The glory of their discoveries who will decry? But light is not always clear- ness: The same heat which sustains and revives will as easily destroy, and the torch which, in skillful hands, may lead a Darwin or a Tyndall into safety, may prove only an ignis fatuus to the ignorant follower.

Reverence and Wisdom are not un- worthy guides, and he who seeks for truth in Nature will never wisely abandon his awe for the Creator. Fools only rush in where angels fear to tread.

Literature has partaken of the analytical spirit of the age. Ingenuity is substituted for fancy. That which was once deemed not the less true for being, like our exist- ence itself, awful and inexpressible, save in symbols, must have its lawful credentials or fall in contempt as useless fable.

The poet whose supersensitive ear was once held to have caught the warmest pulsations of the great heart of Nature, is now discred- ited, and he must bring us the ocular proof, or else be, like Jago, damned.

By this rule Browning is abstract and Tennyson a word painter. The Psalm of Life, the Building of the Ship, and the Song of the Blacksmith, are Longfellows best gifts to man, while rhythm is only a pleasing echo to the sense. The result is obvious. It is easier to destroy than to create.

The writer has educated his reader, and a whole book full of fact-seek- ers has produced a world full of fact-lovers. It is so much easier for common minds to measure a fact than to entertain a fancy, that it is no wonder to see Pegasus toiling before a baggage wagon.

Thus, the scientist who found sacred devotion and old faith in the way of his discovery, and yet pushed on regardless of their destruction, has unintentionally been the forerunner of the icono- clast in all the cathedrals of our lives, Omar has outstripped the Christian.

The first destroyer of a text burnt only those volumes which ran counter to his faith; the Mahomedans applied the torch to the very source and citadel of all knowledge; Huxley, Darwin, and Tyndall have proved forerunners of a literature which has all imaginative and spiritual nature for its field and blind irreverence for its guide.

To pursue an original and ingenious theory to its logical conclusion, to refine analysis to a needless point, to be euphemistic in idea as well as in speech, is a fine art.

The pioneer is out- stripped by his disciple. The betrayer of the Saviour becomes a patriot and dies a martyr to a sincere belief. The songs of Homer, too great to be the work of one, become the easy pastime of many. Belisarius is no longer an unkinged beggar, exciting our pity and teaching a wise truth; and the wisest, greatest, meanest of mankind becomes the author of the immortal works of a ci-devant William Shakespeare.William Gladstone William Ewart Gladstone was born on 29 December in Liverpool He was educated at Eton and went to university at Oxford he was first elected to parliament in as a tory Sir Robert Peel, the Prime Minister, appointed William Gladstone as his junior lord of the Treasury.

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Gladstone and Ireland 1880-1886

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The reasons for english prime minister gladstones transition from tory to liberal


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The reasons for english prime minister gladstones transition from tory to liberal

E. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Theresa May to become British prime minister in fast-track political transition. 1 The Washington Post) that Theresa May will be the next prime minister.

Th tlie autumn of , immediately after the war, when the idea of union was in all minds, the plan of combining all the so- called liberal sects into a single working fraternity occurred to a brilliant, energetic leader among the Unitarians, and led to the formation of the National Conference.

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