Where can i buy wax paper

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Where can i buy wax paper

I've been to walmart, target, office depot looking for this and the only lMonating stuff is using and having to buy the machine which my projects I'm wanting to laminate are too big for the machine. My cruise is less than three weeks away and I'm at a stand still with my magnets cause I can't find it at all.

It is in the home goods section of walmart. Ask an employee where the shelf paper is. It is generally on a bottom shelf or second to the bottom shelf and they will have lots of different colors and styles.

You will want the one that is clear and it will say "peel and stick laminate". Walmart actually carries two brands. I have only used the Duck brand and it even says on the side for scrapbooking and craft projects, but again it is sold with shelf paper and it comes in rolls like wrapping paper but shorter.

Try the isle that has closet organizing things If you ask an employee that works in the home goods section they will be able to take you right to the shelf paper.

I have a smaller Walmart that only carries half of what most Walmart stores have and mine carries it It is not sold as a laminating product at Walmart it is sold as shelf paper and says peel and stick laminate.

Where can i buy wax paper

Don't look in the office supply section you will only find the laminating products there Here is a link to what it looks like:Jun 03,  · What is Parchment Paper and where can I find it? June 3, - pm.

Where can i buy wax paper

DennaAnn. You can buy these rolled up, but that's a pain to use. it can be very durable/reusable. It is used very much like wax paper, but can be much more effective and durable. I bought a roll over 3 years ago and maybe I have used half of the roll. Not. Buy some wax paper and use this wax paper transfer technique with graphics wax paper transfer technique Could be some serious fun Will give it a go and report back.

Wax Paper Transfer: tape piece of wax paper smaller than cardstock, print, rub image and spray with clear! Two items you'll want in your restaurant are butcher paper and wax kaja-net.com have a variety of uses and no matter what you sell at your eatery you'll find a need for butcher paper and wax kaja-net.com's Direct carries butcher paper rolls or butcher paper sheets, wax paper sheets, wax paper rounds, printed wax papers, freezer paper and fry papers.

May 19,  · Best Answer: I usually buy my waxed paper at the grocery store in the section that sells foil and plastic kaja-net.com: Resolved. A Note about our waxed paper and bags: We started producing our Unbleached waxed paper over 20 years ago. The company that was making it was bought out, then that company was bought out, spun off parts of the business, and the same thing happened 2 more times.

Wax paper sheets provide a quick and easy way to package a variety of products at your grocery store, deli counter, bakery, or market.


These sheets come pre-cut in a range of sizes, so you can use them for wrapping almost anything, from sliced cheese and meat to fish and sandwiches. You can even use.

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