Zambia national housing policy

Annual inflation dropped to 6. Mortgage financing still remains the main source of formal housing finance.

Zambia national housing policy

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The housing policy I am presenting to the nation provides a comprehensive assessment of the housing situation in the country. This housing policy is the culmination of nation-wide consultations spearheaded by a National Steering Committee comprising representatives from both the private and public sectors, chaired by Dr.

Khonje, Commissioner of Town and Country Planning. As part of the consultative process, workshops were conducted in each province and interested persons from all walks of life and stakeholders were invited to attend.


The workshops led to the National Conference on housing held at Mulungushi Conference Centre from 21st to 22nd March I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to thank members of the Steering Committee and all those who participated, in one way or another and at one stage or another, in the formulation of this policy.

It is my sincere hope that each one of us, individually and collectively, will give this document the attention it deserves and act Zambia national housing policy its recommendations.

I am certain that once the Government and the people of Zambia start implementing actions recommended in this policy document, people will start to see the beginning of a systematic provision of shelter to our population.

Zambia national housing policy

Housing is a basic social need after food and clothing and, as with the other basic needs; adequate housing is a pre-requisite to national socio-economic development. Its inadequacy can have a severe impact on the environment, health and the general well being of communities.

The task facing Zambia in housing is mammoth. The country is not only faced with an enormous housing backlog, but it also lacks an effective housing delivery system.

The imbalance in development between the rural and urban areas has also contributed to the housing problem by promoting migration into towns and cities at scales that cannot be sustained by the resources and infrastructure of the receiving centres. Though several efforts have been made since independence in to draw up a housing policy, a comprehensive housing policy has not at any time been formulated.

This document, therefore, provides a comprehensive assessment of the housing in Zambia and provides a vision for resolving the housing problem. This policy is the culmination of work by the National Steering Committee on Housing Policy which worked through a series of meetings and consensus-seeking provincial workshops and a national conference to prepare this document.

Implementation of this policy will also serve as a catalyst to the resuscitation of the currently moribund construction industry and the economy at large. Because of the economic crises of the past decade, there is now in Zambia an increased urgency to correct economic distortions, created by year of economic mismanagement, and to improve long term prospects for economic growth.

Although adjustment efforts started in the late eighties, it is only recent that the government has embarked on a more aggressive and comprehensive adjustment programme aimed at providing an enabling environment to stimulate private investment and improve productivity. To this end, government has taken macro-economic policy measures establishing parameters for national economic growth.

Zambia is one of the African countries which have experienced declines in their per capita income over the last two decades. While its population growth rate has been recorded at 3.

Zambia national housing policy

The national average of the disposable income of the majority of the people of Zambia has been eroded with changes in the structure of the economy. Money supply has been reducing over time in government efforts to curb inflation.

The National Disposable Income has on average increased by 7.3 Honorable Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, MP MINISTER OF HEALTH Foreword Despite progress made in reducing maternal and child mortality rates, Zambia remains a country with a high disease burden which is under significant pressure.

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Delivering Affordable & Decent Housing to All/5(10). Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Zambia Women and men with disabilities can and want to be productive members of society. In both developed and developing countries, promoting more inclusive societies and employment.

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